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The Jim Cullum Jazz Band

While attending college, Jim Cullum, Jr. began a partnership with his clarinetist father, the late Jim Cullum, Sr., forming a seven-piece traditional group they called the Happy Jazz Band. The next year, a group of San Antonio business leaders established The Landing, a jazz club on the San Antonio Riverwalk, as a showcase for The Happy Jazz Band. Under Jim, Jr.'s direction, the band evolved into a nationally-acclaimed, professional company known as The Jim Cullum Jazz Band. Boasting 45 record albums of traditional jazz, The Jim Cullum Jazz Band has performed with a great number of jazz luminaries and at many famous venues including Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center.

In 1990, Jim Cullum along with Margaret Moos Pick, under the auspices of Texas Public Radio, created the high-profile radio show "Riverwalk, Live from The Landing." "Riverwalk" features the great jazz music of the early 20th century and the great jazz luminaries who best extoll the music. The show is distributed by Public Radio International and is broadcast on more than 182 stations nationwide.

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