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 S T I L L . B R E A T H I N G
Thank you for allowing us to believe in life and love again... and for [acknowleging that] I as an audience member – have brains, and experience... and heart.
Liv Ullman, director, actress, writer
And these comments were taken from actual written audience comments at preview screenings in Los Angeles, New York, Salt Lake City and Chattanooga...

Amazing! Beautiful cinematography

It's a must-see

Romantic, beautiful, artistic, wonderful

It's savvy, intelligent, beautifully acted, directed and scripted

A breath of fresh air

It was cool, just strange enough

The most beautiful love story I've seen in a long time

Funny, whimsical fantasy

Well crafted film -- very realistic dialog

I cried

If you like Brendan Fraser, see it!

Truly moving. It was romantic,
yet seems like it could really happen

A love story with humor and depth

Indescribably excellent!

An original approach to [an] age-old theme

A very surreal air ...romantic in a sophisticated way

A very good movie to take a girl to

I love the puppets

A new and unique love story,
one that opens your eyes and heart

Romantic Fantasy that gives us hope for all LA women

Roz [is] possibly the most beautiful actress I've seen

I wish I were Roz. It's my romantic fantasy on screen

The most romantic movie I had ever seen

All the characters are likable, great script,
crisp dialogue, fabulous music

Feel like I've been taken to another place

Beautiful and tender

This movie makes me believe again

Very sweet, old fashioned love story, yet contemporary

A listen-to-your-heart-movie

Kinda weird

Electric and Romantic

Finally a thoughtful movie about LA People

Makes me want to go to Texas

A once-in-a-lifetime love story

It's genuine... it uses natural love, real emotions

A great movie for lovers, and people who believe in love

A romantic fantasy that would get a girlfriend really hot!

Beautifully shot. Awesome sets

A good movie to watch with someone you love

A romance that... avoids being corny. Well acted and funny

Internal, emotional

Romantic, but not the usual sappy kind of romance film. It was more complex than that

Great for a date!

A quirky romance with hope ...and a mystical touch

Very smart. Great acting

Unique... ethereal

An unusual love story... it's unexpected


A tonic for a troubled world

A story of finding something you always hoped you'd find, but never believed you would. A heart touching movie

I wish I had invested in it

Extremely romantic, inspiring, hopeful

Romantic, full of pain and love. Joanna Going is classic! Brendan did great things with the role

Charming. Charming!

A quirky, funny, adult, romantic movie

A movie about destiny

It is unrealistically well put

Its like me

Totally incredible

It turned me into the little girl
who still dreams about my Prince Charming

Soundtrack and photography are exquisite
The story is like a come-true fairytale

Be prepared to sit back and believe

It goes against the Hollywood grain, but should become a standard. It's beautifully done. Fresh, bright, smart

A romantic comedy that
even a guy would like!

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