r o s a l y n . a n d . f l e t c h e r

Fletcher McBracken is a struggling street performer in Texas. Rosalyn "Roz" Willoughby is an upscale art swindler in California. They couldn't have less in common... and couldn't need each other more. And as long as these two souls in search of a mate are still breathing, they have a magical chance at romance.

The couple are fated to become dream lovers (literally and figuratively) by way of the mystical, soul-awakening visions they've had of each other. And when their paths unexpectedly cross in Los Angeles, the hopefully romantic Fletcher is positive Roz is the woman of his dreams.

Cynical Roz, however, is far from lovestruck. Though intrigued by his sincerity -- and the possibility that he's a rich, easy con -- she does her best to deny his devotion... and her growing attraction. Then, as she begins to lower her guard and embrace Fletcher's quirky but honest Texas lifestyle, her worst fears are indeed confirmed: Fletcher is truly no more than a humble eccentric, and couldn't possibly be the love of her life. Or could he? Once again denying herself a chance at happiness, Roz convinces herself their dreams were nothing more than illusions. Or... were they?

Still Breathing is a moving, mystical reminder that true love can be closer than you think... and happy endings are just a dream away.  -SB-
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