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 R o z . l e a v e s . F l e t c h e r TRACK 21   


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This is the first of a series of score cues that starts when Roz walks away from Fletcher and returns to LA. These cues then play almost twenty continuous minutes until the end of the film. The sequence starts with a distressing and agitated string cue, becomes a minor piano arrangement of Chopin's Berceuse, then turns into a sad version of the "Love Theme" as Roz returns to her LA apartment and Fletcher stands alone at the Rose Window in San Antonio. As Roz returns to her old life it returns to "Roz's Theme" with English horn and alto flute. The cue ends with the scene in the car where Roz sees the tuba for sale in the pawn shop window. Here the score shrinks to a "toy piano" version of the Chopin, played by the harp.  -SB-

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